Find Internships

The process and skills for searching for internships and jobs are really the same. You can search using Google Search or one of the hundreds of sites that specialize in careers and jobs. The one difference is that some site opportunities include only Internships, and others only Jobs. Most sites are evolving to include both.

In all cases, you need to Organize your search, use strong Resources, and be prepared for the next steps once you apply!

REMEMBER: You can't be considered for internships or jobs you haven't applied for... so let's get started!

To start searching, check out: Five Steps to Build Your Job or Internship Search


  • Ensure you are confident with your resume, cover letter, and references (schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor if you are not)
  • Make a list of keywords you're using in your search: words used in job descriptions for positions you in your field that represent skills or tasks
  • Divide your search time across 3 tactics:
    • Search for Positions
    • Search for Employers
    • Network
  • Save internship application links for the organizations you've found
  • Save the contacts and notes of individuals you've spoke with
  • Keep it simple: focus on opportunities that are related to your studies or career field of choice


  • Create folders for each application and save a copy of the position description, your resume, application, and the cover letter you used
  • If you have an interview get prepared with our interview guides here.
  • If you're doing the internship for course credit, be sure to complete the formal Academic Proposal Form prior to starting