Things You Can Do Remotely

Has COVID-19 limited the internship opportunities in your field?

You're not alone. While the world of work is shifting because of the pandemic, the good news is that there is still plenty you can do to gain valuable professional experience, even if internships aren't on the table for you or your field right now. See the tips below for steps you can take from home or your dorm: and remember, you can always set up an appointment with a Career Advisor for assistance!

  • Remote Work: Students are advised to communicate with their internship site supervisor to discuss the possibility of completing a portion of their internship remotely.

  • Informational Interviews: Reach out and conduct phone calls with professionals in your intended industry. Keep a journal of what you learn from the professional about the job, the industry, and any other details you find valuable. Use "Career Contacts" under the "Networking" tab in TritonTrack for more information and for a list of alumni ready to connect, and visit our Networking page to learn more about informational interviews.

  • Research: Choose three possible job positions you would be interested in. Research the job market for those positions: look at starting salary, discover the requirements for getting into the field, and gather information about daily tasks and necessary skills. O*NET Online and The Occupational Outlook Handbook are excellent resources for this. Next, build a list of employers you would love to work with based on your research.

  • Job Search: Utilize job boards to search for positions. Study job descriptions and meet virtually with a Career Advisor to work on tailoring resumes and cover letters to specific positions.

  • LinkedIn: Start, review, and improve your LinkedIn profile. Use our LinkedIn Guide as a starting point, and work with a Career Advisor to learn LinkedIn skills.

  • Online Training Courses: Select and complete courses that will give you a new skill.

      • Udemy has inexpensive courses and you do get a certificate when completed.

      • LinkedIn Learning has a free trial membership for a month for students to utilize. Take courses on business software and tools, graphic design software, leadership and management, and more.