Career Contacts

Career Contacts is a networking opportunity that allows Eckerd students to reach out to and learn from alumni and professionals in a low-pressure environment. 

Having conversations with professionals who work in fields or roles that you are considering is tremendously helpful: not only do these conversations inform choices you make in your own career path, but they also expand your valuable professional network.

By clicking the "Career Contacts" tab in TritonTrack, students are able to access the Career Contacts database: a list of alumni and professionals who are eager to provide students with industry knowledge, employer insights, and advice on becoming a professional. Students can easily connect with Contacts within the TritonTrack database to request an informational interview, job shadowing opportunity, mock interview, or even a presentation for their class. 

Reaching out to a Career Contact? We recommend reviewing our networking resources and meeting with a Career Advisor to discuss informational interview preparation.

Want to share your experience with students? Become a Career Contact!

If you have any questions about this process, email