Life After Eckerd

Looking for advice for life after Eckerd? The resources on this page include Real World Ready, videos from Senior Series 2020, and additional recommended tools for managing money, housing, and more.

Professional Tools

Eckerd alumni recommend the following. Unless otherwise noted, all of these tools are either free or come with basic, free plan options:

Housing Search

  • a comprehensive list of for-sale properties as well as the information and tools to make informed real estate decisions

  • Zillow: real estate marketplace that lets you see sales and rental listings

  • Trulia: a subsidiary of Zillow

  • Padmapper: a resource for finding apartments

  • a resource for finding apartments

  • Neighborhood Scout: a website and online database of U.S. neighborhood analytics

Budgeting, Paychecks, Credit, & Taxes

  • Monthly Budget & Reconciliation Spreadsheet: a Google Sheet created by Eckerd Career Services with basic tips, tools, and resources

  • EveryDollar Budgeting App: helps you monitor your monthly income, plan your expenses, and track your spending.

  • Personal Capital Difference: a free tracking tool that can help you talk to financial advisors, look at multiple accounts, plan ahead for expenses, and work your way toward your specific financial goals.

  • Federal Paycheck Calculator: calculates your take-home pay by paycheck based on where you live in the U.S.

  • Credit Karma: offers free credit score reports and insights

  • TurboTax: a trusted tax preparation software package

  • Mint: a subsidiary of TurboTax that uses your tax and credit information to create personalized financial health recommendations