Graduate School


What goes into a graduate school application?

Use these timelines to guide your application process.

Learn how to craft your CV.

Check personal statement strategies and examples.

Who should write them?

Here's how to get them.

Which tests do you need to take?

How to find funding for your program.

Get prepped for your interviews.

Research & Considerations

Questions to consider before applying.

What will you gain, and what will it cost?

What type of degree should you consider?

How do gap years affect your career plan?

Considerations for your grad school search.

Make sure your chosen schools meet accreditation standards.

Graduate School Inquiry Emails

How to reach out to a potential advisor to express interest in joining their lab.

How Can Career Services Help You Prepare for Grad School?

If you are considering continuing your education, congratulations! With an advanced degree, you have the ability to apply greater depth of knowledge to your field, and to create more personal options for career growth and earnings potential along the way.

Career Services will assist you as you plan your graduate program. We will help you:

    • Decide if grad school is right for you - and when

    • Research areas of interests & specialization

    • Consider degree levels and gap year impacts

    • Understand the application process & timelines

    • Learn about funding assistance possibilities

    • Navigate admission testing and preparation

    • Find your school & program

    • Prepare your applications

Schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor on TritonTrack.

Students are also encouraged to work with faculty members in their disciplines to prepare for graduate school.