Here on the website you'll find all our guides and customized resources to aid with all phases of Career Planning. We have so many resources to assist you, from choosing your major, to planning your career, to finding a position or your path to grad school.


TritonTrack is the place to go for campus job searches, making appointments, external position searches, and accessing key resources like Bender Solutions for Students with Disabilities and the The Business Journals.

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We're here to meet with you in person, by phone, or through a video call. You can find our availability under "Appointments" in TritonTrack. After you choose a time and date, let us know what you'd like to talk about. If you need to reschedule, just log back in a change your appointment. It's that simple.

Searching for an internship?

Check out Five Steps to Build Your Job or Internship Search

Exploring career options?

Take the STRONG Interest Inventory Assessment to see how your interests align with potential careers. Contact careerservices@eckerd.edu to take the assessment.


We host workshops, employers, and activities throughout the school year. Check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Navigating the Tampa Bay Area

Whether you have a car or not, being in a new city, especially as spread-out as the Tampa Bay area can be daunting. Fear not, this Local Transportation Info Sheet will help you get there!

Need a professional photo?

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