Internship Financial Assistance

Academic Internship Award - Applications will open in October 2024 for Winter/Spring Funding.

Thanks to the generosity of Eckerd alumni, family, and friends, an endowment has been created that will fund academic internship opportunities for students.  

This funding is used to support internship experiences that take place off-campus, under the supervision of an external organization. If an internship will take place on campus, or under the supervision of a member of Eckerd’s faculty or staff, the applicant will need to explain how this situation will help him/her/them develop skills that will be applicable in other professional environments. 

Funds may be used to cover travel, housing, and/or some personal expenses (such as food, professional clothing, or supplies necessary for the internship). They may not be used to fund any work completed for the internship or to replace lost wages from other employment. The student will be asked to provide a detailed budget and budget narrative explaining how requested funds will be used.

If you have any questions, please contact Kat Robinson ( or 8646) or Madison Gumprecht (

Local Transportation Fund - Applications will open in October 2024 for Fall Funding.

The Local Transportation Grant is available to students who are participating in academic-related or connected unpaid internship and research opportunities that will advance their development and who need assistance in paying for their transportation to and from the internship or research location. The grant was made possible through the generous support of alumni, parents, and other donors. 

Funds are used to help with transportation expenses, gas expenses, and  UBER/LYFT.  It does not reimburse for personal mileage. Expenses for public transportation are eligible. 

Eligible Students Your primary designation must be "student" to be eligible to apply.  Students must also be currently engaged in an academic-related opportunity (research or internship) to be considered for the reimbursement fund. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kat Robinson ( or 8646) or Madison Gumprecht (