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There are hundreds of job boards on the internet, both broad and specific. We are continuing to add to our list of specific job boards based on student recommendations. If you find a useful job board, share it with us at

Note: We encourage you to develop a list of specific employers you're interested in working for and checking their careers/jobs pages regularly. For personalized instruction on how to do this, schedule an appointment with a Career Advisor


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Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

These science-focused opportunities typically take place over the summer months and allow participants to hone their research, laboratory, and/or field skills at a host institution. Many REUs come with stipends, free or low-cost housing, and other benefits to make the opportunity more accessible.

REUs are highly competitive, and the application process begins early. Expect to apply in January or February for summer REUs. In addition to submitting a resume, you may be asked to write cover letters, short essays, or other documents as part of your applications. Schedule an advising appointment on TritonTrack for assistance with both your REU search and application process.

Here are resources you can use to search for REUs:

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