Admissions Tests

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The majority of programs include results from one of the standard admissions test as part of their application packet. The GRE is the most common, but there are others depending on your field of study (GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT).

As you can see from the chart below, your admissions test scores are an important part of your application packet.

The Path to Graduate School, Jan 2016, Kaplan

GRE: When, Where, and How Long

Actual test information is recapped in the image below. Note that the scores are considered “valid” for 5 years. Students right out of college tend to score highest, perhaps because study habits are fresh or because it’s easier to carve out study time. So, even if you do not want to attend grad school directly after undergrad, if you see grad school in your near future, you may want to take the GRE sooner than later.

The Path to Graduate School, Jan 2016, Kaplan

GRE: What Types of Questions Will I Be Asked?

Familiarity with the test format, question types, and timing is important to a strong performance. The test is long, about 4 hours, so building up mental endurance by taking realistic, full-length practice tests is important to doing well.

Testing areas and emphasis are recapped below:

The Path to Graduate School, Jan 2016, Kaplan

GRE: How Can I Prepare?

Kaplan Test Prep offers free testing, free resources (graduate guide & practice tools) and for-fee services including:

Other instruction options include:

    • University of South Florida and St. Petersburg College (SPC) offers online classes and USF also offers in person classes through their Office of Graduate Studies

Additional FREE (low cost) materials are available on:

If you have a St. Petersburg Public Library card, you can use the subscription services they offer which includes FREE test preparation materials.