Funding Assistance

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There is financial aid available from the schools themselves and outside resources. Assistance is most abundant in the science fields where there are research assistantship options. Most awards are very competitive and renewable, but that means an award may not be available each term. Also, some awards that are “work” based may require you to start in advance of the beginning of the academic year, so every student should work to identify and apply for any and all awards early in the process.

In addition to the resources below, you can make an appointment through Triton Track with Eckerd's Fellowships and Scholarships Advisor, Dr. Kat Robinson.

Institutional/Department Financial Aid

The majority of financial assistance is departmentally or institutionally based.

Teaching and research fellowships and assistantships are funded by the individual institutions. The admissions counselors at an institution may be aware of most opportunities, but also contact the individual departments and/or faculty that create and define these positions. Personal contact with the departments/faculty is essential, and most programs list the faculty and their current active research programs on their website, but some may take some digging.

There may be additional openings in “support” departments that are available to all graduate students, regardless of field of study. For instance, an office/administrative position or a career counseling internship/assistantship may be available.

Foundation, Corporate & Government Agency Awards

Fellowships and assistantships may be available from sources outside your target institution and may not even require service at your desired institution. Check with Eckerd’s Fellowship & Scholarship Advisor for assistance in seeking these out.

Tuition Abatement/Deferment & Non-Cash Awards

These awards do not provide cash-in-hand or a stipend, but can help reduce overall investment. Programs such as the Teacher Service Cancellation/Deferment Option

Program in which students with a bachelor's degree teach in identified "critical shortage areas" of the country, may provide a reduction or cancellation of already acquired student loans. Tuition abatement may be available to highly qualified students.

Veteran’s Benefits

Veterans' educational benefits vary based on the time period of active duty. Consult with a VA education benefits representative to verify the existence of funds for graduate school.

Additional Funding Info Resources

Department of Education: Grad School Funding Info

Department of Education brochure with nice recap of financial aid options available to grad students.

Sallie Mae sponsored site with information on loans for graduate school.


Home page for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Comprehensive information about financial aid for graduate school, including business, law, and medical schools, scholarships and fellowships.

Fastweb! (for graduate students)

Owned by, but Individually branded, site focuses on scholarship opportunities completely free of charge for all education levels but this link goes direct to graduate school. Includes insider financial aid tips.