Application Timelines

The Standard Timeline

Some programs offer multiple start terms in the academic year, and rolling admissions, but the “standard” timeline is traditionally geared towards a Fall Term start scenario:







Rolling Admissions

Some programs offer multiple start terms in the academic year, and accept and examine applications as they are sent in, instead of waiting to review all applications concurrently. Schools with rolling admissions offer flexibility and can work in your favor for late admissions, or for finding out sooner than later whether you are accepted, so you can change your plan accordingly. Their application window is open until all spots have been filled. Typically, you'll hear back four to eight weeks after applying, and in some cases you could hear in just two weeks.

Both small private schools and larger state universities offer rolling admission, but it is not typically found at Ivy League schools. Whether a school does or does not offer rolling admission is no reflection of the institution’s competitiveness or acceptance rates. The application elements and testing requirements are typically the same.

The sites below provide more information on the process and lists of schools offering rolling admissions: 


If you take a “gap year,” remember to maintain these relationships so they are available when you decide the time for school is right. If you have worked a number of years and are pursuing a graduate degree after a “gap,” your work supervisor may also act as a reference for you.