Expectations & Attire

A student employee is expected to meet certain standards of conduct which would ordinarily be expected of an employee representing Eckerd College in any position. Supervisors are responsible for communicating standards of conduct to student employees upon their hire.

Before Working for the First Time on Campus

  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services to complete an I-9 (verifies identity and employment authorization) and payroll forms prior to your first day of work.
  • At your appointment bring original documents to Career Services. Refer to this list of acceptable documents.
  • Note: This process only needs to completed once while you are a student.

While Working

  • Do not work during times you are scheduled to be in class.
  • Maintain enrollment necessary for student employment eligibility.
  • Coordinate your work hours with your supervisor according to the department’s needs and your own class and study schedule.
  • Perform assigned duties promptly and competently.
  • Be dependable and always report to work on time-excessive tardiness or absenteeism is grounds for disciplinary action.
  • Arrive at the office prepared to work - refrain from studying or conducting personal business (phone/email) on the job.
  • Refrain from having family or friends visit during scheduled work times.
  • Attend all student staff meetings or training sessions unless you have a scheduled class or exam.
  • Observe policies on confidentiality for all departments, student records, and other information.
  • Schedule your lunch and rest breaks in advance and get your supervisor's approval.
  • Do not eat or study during your scheduled shift, unless approved by your supervisor.
  • Notify your supervisor in advance if you will be absent from work - frequent absences are a justifiable cause for disciplinary action.
  • Keep an accurate record of hours worked and enter them into your electronic time sheets in your EC Web. Submit time sheets by the deadline.
    • Note: Failure to maintain accurate time records, including late time sheet submission, could impact your employment.
  • Inform your supervisor of any plans to end employment. The customary notification time period is two weeks.

Attire & Appearance

It is expected that each student employee’s appearance, personal hygiene, and dress will be neat, clean and appropriate to the job. The hiring department is responsible for establishing and communicating dress guidelines for student employees, and any requirements for wearing protective clothing and/or equipment due to the nature of the job responsibilities.


As a student employee, you will meet with your supervisor for a performance evaluation. This is an opportunity to discuss your job performance as it pertains to job duties and pre-established learning outcomes. The evaluation time should also be used for you to give feedback on your employment experience. It is highly recommended that you complete the Student Employee Self-Assessment Form prior to your performance evaluation.

Supervisors must complete formal performance evaluations with student employees by Commencement or at termination. To maintain campus wide consistency, this evaluation should consist of a "sit down" meeting and include a written evaluation signed by both the employee and supervisor.

Once you have started working on campus, it is highly recommended that you begin incorporating your experiences into a professional resume.