Wages & Benefits

Undergraduate students are paid on an hourly basis. Eckerd pays students at least the Florida minimum wage. Student employees are not eligible to receive other employment benefits such as healthcare coverage, shift differential, paid holidays, vacation/sick leave, retirement, unemployment, or draws/pay advances. Additionally, students are limited to 20 hours per week during periods of enrollment, and 29 hours per week during breaks and over the summer.

In determining appropriate rates above minimum wage, the school must consider the following:

  • The skills needed to perform the job

  • How much persons with those skills are paid in the local area for doing the same type of job

  • Rates the school would normally pay similar employees

  • Any applicable federal, state, or local laws that require a specific wage rate

Career Services reviews all position descriptions to ensure consistency of pay rates across campus.

While a student’s need places a limit on the total FWS earnings permissible, need has no bearing on their wage rate. It is not acceptable to base the wage rate on need or on any other factor not related to the skills required to perform the job functions successfully.