Eckerd Shadow Days

Coordinated by the Career Center, Eckerd Shadow Days connects students with local employers, community partners, and alumni for one-day job shadowing opportunities. Students will gain first-hand professional experience by exploring local industries, employers, and occupations.

Spring Break 2024 Shadow Day - apply here!

All Environmental Studies or Marine Science students who have completed the introductory courses (see below) are invited to shadow at the Office of Coastal Management in the Environmental Management division of Pinellas County Government.

Introductory Courses (Must have completed one of the following): Introduction to Environmental Studies, Geological Oceanography, or Biological Oceanography

Monday, March 18th (Tentative Hours 9 am - 5 pm)

Spend the day in the field learning about beach nourishment projects, RTKs, and taking water-line shorts of wave run-ups. Shadows will learn more about relationships between the County, coastal municipalities, and residents as a whole, as well as see the policy and science side of environmental work.

Additional Details

Space is limited. Students will be responsible for their own travel. Students are required to bring a lunch, snacks, and water. Students are asked to wear field clothes - clothing that will protect from weather, sun, and can get dirty. Closed-toe shoes are required. Students are encouraged to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and a towel.

Photos were submitted by Hanna Panagrossi '24 during Fall Break '23 Eckerd Shadow Days.

Student FAQs

When will I hear back if I got in?

Application closes two weeks prior to the Shadow Day. Students will be notified one week prior to the Shadow Day if they were accepted. 

Will I receive any compensation for participating?

Students will not earn academic credit or monetary compensation for participation.